Sixteen Again: My Story

Born blue eyed & blonde,

 My childhood centered around my pacifier and million dollar blankie.

In ’94, God shuffled me into my Nanny’s arms.

It was that year that I began to wear plaid skirts and polo shirts for the next seven years of my young life.

I remember late night dance,recitals, tough volleyball games and singing my heart out.

Disney World was fun. Especially eating breakfast with Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

I remember the play in the Christmas Season of ’98, Santa Pig it was called. I had the leading role.

My name was Beth.

At thirteen it happened, I got my first kiss. It was a late spring night in March, under the stars.

Late at night on the eleventh of July, God took my Nanny. She became my angel.

My daddy was calling my name.

That early morning in September, sitting in church..I found out about the worst crime in America. I was terribly sad and awfully scared.

That May, I had to tell the old good bye and start with the new.

Freshman year was hard. I wasn’t used to change.

The next year was better. Had a lot of fun & adventurous times.

I am 16. I love to drive.

I’m young and inexperienced.

Everyday I grow. And,

I’m still thankful to be the blue-eyed baby almost

All grown up.


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